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Fresh Fish on the block
Sushiya offers quality Japanese fare for the budget minded

Written by Brooke Romney
Photography by Paul Sebring

In a non_descript shopping center off Williams Field and Gilbert lies a hidden neighborhood gem, Sushiya.
 Sushiya is a new Japanese eatery that is sure to please sushi connoisseurs and picky eaters alike with its specialized, creative and authentic menu.
 All these qualities are what Kirby Pickus, a Gilbert resident and Sushiya regular, really appreciates.
 "This place has excellent food, It's as good as Ra, and it's 1/3 the price. I lived in Hawaii for years, and this is as good or better than any of the Japanese food I had over there. My favorite is the teriyaki salmon."
 At some establishments salmon can be spendy, but here the $10.50 price is more than fair, and on Tuesday all salmon entrees and rolls are $2 off. Wednesday is even better when you can get two meals for the price of one. Low prices and quality food are exactly what costconscious customers need during times when spending money may be in short supply.
 "I try and keep my cost to the customer as low as possible while still offering great food." says Sung Yoon, Sushiya's owner and chef.
 And great food it is. You can't miss the Albacore BBQ roll for $8.50. Inside a ring of sticky rice you'll find a spicy crab mix, avocado, and cucumber all topped with a thin, seared piece of Albacore tuna and topped with a delightfully tangy barbecue sauce. The taste is light and fresh and perfect for a first time sushi eater.
 For someone who is extremely adventurous, give the Sashimi Roll a try. It has tuna, salmon, yellowtail, crab, and cucumber wrapped in soy paper and seaweed and served with Ponzu sauce. The three pieces of row fish are uniqe and simple and don't hide behind strong sauces or other flavors - the fresh seafood is the star.
 If you like to steer clear of the sea, the teriyaki chicken is amazing. Thin slices of perfectly grilled chicken sit atop crisptender fresh vegetables that are flawlessly conplimented by the sweet teriyaki glaze and a large ball of white rice.
 If one thing is clear from every meal, Sushiya settles for nothing less than the best in every ingredient. Brian Fitzpatrick is the lead cook and though he's cooked at other great restaurants, he really respects the way they do things at Sushiya.
 "They serve very traditional, Japanese dishes that are true to the culture while still being innovative and creative. Everything they use is fresh. The quality of food for the price can't be beat, and the family-style atmosphere allows you to get a taste of everything."
 For a family looking to keep their spending down while still enjoying high-class food, there isn't a better place than Sushiya.

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